The Alaska Suite debuted at Seattle First Baptist Church on Earth Day 2017. As of January 2019, it has been performed 15 times, touching nearly 1000 people with its message of hope and call to action.  Recent performances fundraised a combined total of over $10K for climate legislation, the Alaska Wilderness League, and future Alaska Suite performances.

… wonderfully inspiring… The content was informative without being preachy, the music was magical…
— Gail M.

“… spliced with a dialogue about climate science and solutions. It touches the emotional edges of our understanding and invites action from a deeper place.”
Louise Stonington

What have you done, could do, or will do to make a difference

We have been inspired by the responses of our audiences to this question. Here’s a summary of their thousands of ideas:

Our Mission

To use the power of artistic expression — live music, spoken words, images and poetry — to connect our audiences deeply and emotionally to the scientific realities of climate change, and to inform and inspire them to act now to address it.

We believe climate change transcends politics.  It is an unprecedented existential threat that affects us all. We believe our greatest challenge is to overcome misinformation and for each of us to find the courage to act individually and together. Acknowledging the dire consequences and sheer scale of climate change can be deeply emotional, yet our response must be based on scientific understanding, technological innovation, sound economics, and effective policy. We believe the performing arts have a unique and powerful role to play in facilitating society’s response to climate change.